on: documenting “Besetzte Räume” Gedenk und Bildungsstätte Andreasstraße, Erfurt, 06th February 2016

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Ukrainian artist, autor and activist Yevgenia Belorusets brings her series of Maidan photos and drawings at Gedenk und Bildungsstätte Andreasstraße, Erfurt.

While the photos show the early stages of the protest, before it turned violent, the drawings stand as her internalization of the most frequently circulated media image coverages. The work is displayed in former cells of a Stasi Prison, now a museum.

I join her in the process of documenting the exhibition.

Partner in this reportage: Yevghenia Belorusets, visual artist/activist http://www.belorusets.com/info. A “thank you” to Patrick Evans, filmmaker.

Right before we enter the former prison -on the sidewalk, lost or discarded by some dog owner:

1.Or_rubber bone

Yevgenia, contemplating the city of Erfurt’s wood diorama, on display in the museum’s main hall:

2.Or_toy town copy

Getting ready to document her show:

3.Vert_tripod unfolding


First of the exhibited photos I look at; first detail:

5.Vert_Sprotester with construction helmet

On some protester’s knitted sweater:


The protest is set in a live-in scenery. Sleep paraphernalia lays around:

7.Vert_Protester with pillow

A picture of Virgin Mary, hanging in some protester’s improvised tent:


Yevgenia tells me how protesters organize themselves:

9.Vert_Self made badge

An attempt to photograph as many as works possible and as many as cell walls reachable, in one shot:

10.Or_constrained perspective

Protester’s long waiting:

11.Or_resting by a column

Ways of carrying the written message:

12.Vert_protester with foot banner

From the prison’s architecture:

13.Or_narrow window
Back in the photographs, a nurse:


Protest and disability:


The extremist party Svoboda’s three raised fingers logo, imprinted on a flower vase:

16.Vert_a vase

Protester’s improvised room within room:


Yevgenia tells me how the long hours and days of protest made people look almost homeless but:


From the other side:

18.Vert_breath on police helmet

A protester with ipad:

19.Or_lying down with music
As we are about to leave, I take a last glimpse at the exhibition’s place long corridor, with a visitor at its end:

20.Old man







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