on: “Read to Me in the Stars”, Antje-Konservatorium, Berlin, 28th September and 3rd Oktober 2015

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“Read me in the stars”-an installation to be viewed under the open sky- is in the making at Antje-Konservatorium, a place for the documentation and recovery of find objects. The entrance at  Antje Øklesund, resembling a “ruin painting” engulfed in vegetation and melancholy, is to become even more scenic with the several meters high arrangement of verdure and found furniture put together by installation artist Natalia Irina Roman. I arrived there on a late and peaceful afternoon, took a tour inside Antje Øklesund, and watched Natalia and her two friends/assistants working on the installation. I will draw here about three objects that caught my eye-inside Antje-and the bits and pieces of Natalia’s work process. Upcoming-one update from the opening on 3rd of Oktober.

Partners in this reportage: Natalia Irina Roman, visual artist, https://www.berlinerpool.de/profile/view/natalia-irina-roman


a thank you to Jochen Werner, Filmkurator 

1. Inside Antje Øklesund

The most striking object, on a wall above the stage, a clock with bended hands:

Twisted clock

Near the bar, a heater with color traces:

Smeared heater

And a carpet, so worn out, it almost looked like being encrusted in the floor:

Worn out carpet2


2. Outside- on the  building set of  “Read me in the stars”

A “must” gesture Natalia did- several times during work:

Roll sleeves up2

Found furniture+ladders+chairs+climbing plants+wood pole- this is how I first saw the installation:

Building it up

The plants- ready to go in:

Chair plants2

One of Natalia’s assistants bowed really close to one of them:

Man and plant2

The other was up on the scaffolds:


And the dialog went on like this:

Talking up2

On one of the crumbled walls, a silent graffiti:

Sad graffiti2

Major skill in installing:




Technical finesse:


Anchored plants

Three working phases- indefinite rotation:

Execution supervision

Another basic technical ingredient:

Hole in board

“Read me in the stars”- not in a white cube, but among motioned vegetation:

Waving plant


And as the night came and I left, the big trees above us:

Heavily shadowed branch



3. Opening night- 3rd October 2015

Disco ball light effects, hanging ivy, dark sky- on a vertical, open-ended alignment. Finalized work:

Read to me in the stars







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