on “LISTE” Basel, 15th-21st June 2015

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During one week, I worked at my drawing table installed in the Werkraum Warteck building where Liste Art Fair takes place. Constantly moving around the fair, pen in hand, I took notes about people, some of the works shown there and the general mood- gradually changing from day one to the very last moment. I slowly turned all this into a book and shared it with curious visitors.

Partners in this reportage: Plan B Gallery (RO/DE); special thanks to Liste director, Peter Bläuer

On my way to Basel, I saw this couple embarking the plane, then again, next day at the opening:

img437 img438 img440 img442 img443 img439 img454 img448 img449 img451 img457 img458



On somebody’s T-shirt:

img459 img460 img461 img462 img463

On Favio Marco Piruvino and Yu Hongley:



img466 img467 img468

One room in the former factory building still keeps some equipment:

img469 img470 img471 img473 img474 img475


img478 img479 img480 img481 img482 img483 img484 img486 img487 img488 img489

The whole week, someone sitting in the Cahiers d’Artistes space, was reading from a book, using a ruler to keep track:

img490 img491


In one of the windows, a wasps’ nest was steadily being built, from one day to another:

img492 img493 img495 img496 img497 img499 img500 img501 img503 img505 img506 img507 img508 img509 img511 img512 img513 img514 img515 img517 img518 img519 img521 img522 img523 img524





Getting close to an end:


img527 img529



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